6th International PHISCC Workshop Presentations

Day 1 - 19 June 2013

Session 1: Update on SKA and SKA Pathfinder/Precursor telescopes

Dr Tim Shimwell ASKAP

Prof. Claude Carginan Meerkat

Prof. Tom Oosterloo Apertif

Session 2: HI and galaxy evolution (I)

Dr Baerbel Koribalski Gas in Galaxies

Dr Ed Eson Quantifying star formation in LVHIS - a WISE perspective

Dr Kelley Hess Evolution in the HI Gas Content of Galaxy Groups

Session 3: HI Techniques and future directions

Dr Lisa Harvey-Smith Report from the HI RFI workshop

Prof.Oleg Smirnov Dr SIdelobes: How I learned to stop worrying and love simulations

Day 2 - 20 June 2013

Session 5: Galaxy velocity fields and kinematics (I)

Dr Lisa Fogarty Velocity Fields with SAMI

Dr Kristine Spekkens DiskFit: A Model-Based Approach to Measuring Disk Galaxy Structure

Session 6: HI and galazy evolution (II)

Prof.Jacqueline van Gorkom CHILES, a VLA HI deep field

Dr Attila Popping HI source finding using optical surveys

Session 7: Galaxy velocity fields and kinematics (II)

Dr Paolo Serra Kinematically misaligned HI in early-type galaxies

Prof.Claude Carignan First HI Observations with KAT-7

Dr Peter Kamphius Automated Tilted Ring Fitting in the Extremes

Dr Se-Heon Oh WALLABY Kinematic parameter extraction: A sub-pipeline for 2D tilted-ring fits

Session 8: HI surveys, peculiar velocities and cosmology

Prof. Ming Zhu Large scale HI surveys with future FAST telescope

Dr Chris Springbob WALLABY and the next generation of galaxy peculiar velocity surveys

Dr Tao Hong 2 MASS Tully-Fisher Survey

Dr Danail Obreschkow Tully-Fisher science without optical counterparts

Mr Scott Meyer HI stacking and the Tully-Fisher Relation

Day 3 - 21 June 2013

Session 9: HI absorption lines and stacking

Mr Jonghwan Rhee HI gas measurement of field galazies at z~0.1 and 0.2 using HI stacking technique

Dr Natasha Maddox Comparison of HI and optical redshifts of galaxies

Dr James Allison A search for 21cm absorption in the HI Parkes All-Sky Survey

Session 10: HI in glaxy disks

Ms Sarah Reeves A search for intervening HI absorption in HIPASS galaxies

Mr Moses Mogotsi Probing the kinematics of the SINGG-SUNGG star forming galaxies

Session 11: Summary and next steps

Prof. Lister Staveley-Smith Conferences summary and next steps for PHISCC