Story of the Logo


The Logo has been developed from our original three research themes – the Evolving Universe, the Dynamic Universe and the Dark Universe. This has been interlinked with our five goals for our ARC Centre of Excellence in All-sky Astrophysics – Discover, Innovate, Educate, Perform and Unite.

The following diagrams illustrate how the key issue of connectivity between these themes and goals inspired the development of the logo.

Our underlying goals are:

Discover: To make ground-making advances in our understanding of the Universe, thereby cementing Australia’s reputation as a world leader in astrophysical research;

Innovate: To develop innovative new ways of surveying the entire sky, of processing enormous volumes of astronomical measurements, and of visualising complex data sets, so as to build unique expertise in wide-field radio and optical astronomy;

Perform: To make high-impact discoveries using SKA pathfinder telescopes, thus positioning Australia to lead the science programmes planned for the SKA;

Educate: To provide compelling new research, computational and technical opportunities for students and early-career researchers; and

Unite: To bring the top astronomers from Australia and around the world together into a focused collaborative environment.

Our Research Themes are:

  • The Evolving Universe
  • The Dynamic Universe
  • The Dark Universe

And when our Research Themes and goals are interlinked, then you start to see the connections in the logo.

As it evolves....

... into the CAASTRO logo.

CAASTRO logo H 282 cmyk.jpg

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