ADASS XXV - BoF and Demo Instructions

BoF Proposals
Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions at ADASS are an opportunity for informal, free-flowing discussions among groups of attendees with a common interest. BoFs are scheduled based on suggestions from the attendees.

If you would like to propose an idea for a BoF session, please submit an abstract when you regsiter your attendance.  However you can also submit a proposal directly to the LOC by emailing which includes the following information:

    Name(s) and institution(s) of the organizer(s)
    Title of the session
    Brief description of the objective, content, and program of the session

BoF submissions close on 15 August 2015.

Demo Instructions
Exhibit Floor demonstration sessions will run concurrently with the poster sessions and allow presenters to demonstrate software or network-based services (e.g., services or web sites). In addtion, there will be special Focus Demos scheduled at special times in the plenary hall.

You can register your interest in a Demo when registering your attendance at the conference.

Standard Demo Booth
All demos will be provided with:
    a eight-foot table
    a poster display/cork board (3 x 4 feet)
    a wired internet connection

Note: If you bring your own equipment, you should also bring appropriate security devices.

Focus Demo
A Focus Demo is a special session that is scheduled into the program for presentation in the plenary hall during one of the poster sessions. The presenter gets 30 minutes to demonstrate a software product or system using either the conference computer (for web-based tools or services) or his/her own laptop.

Focus Demo presenters will be asked to meet with LOC organizers to ensure that the tools and equipment work with the projector in the hall.

Tutorial Instructions
Tutorials are educational sessions conducted as a short class on a subject of general interest. They are accompanied by a small fee in addition to the conference registration. Please see the program registration pages for more details. Tutorial presenters should contact the LOC ( to arrange site logistics.