ADASS XXV - Instructions

Oral presentations
All oral presentations will be held in the Ballroom Rydges World Square. There are two categories of oral presentations: invited and contributed. The time allocations are as follows:

Time Allocation
Invited         25 min. with 5 min. Q&A
Contributed 12 min. with 3 min. Q&A

The Program Organizing Committee makes the final determination regarding acceptance and the content of the program. Oral presentations that are accepted but cannot be accommodated as oral presentations will be accepted as posters instead. Please notify the LOC ( as early as possible if you want to remove your contribution.

The session chair will provide a MacOS laptop with recent versions of PowerPoint, Acrobat Reader, Keynote and LibreOffice Impress and a Windows 7 laptop with recent versions of PowerPoint, Acrobat Reader and LibreOffice Impress. You must copy your presentation onto the laptop at least 30 minutes before your session begins and verify that the slides play correctly and linked media are found. Though Internet is available its performance is not guaranteed and we discourage presenters from relying on the Internet for their presentation. If you wish to show web pages or streaming content we suggestion you prepare videos using screen capture software ahead of time. No overhead or slide projectors are available. The presentation will be displayed on a single 1024x768 video projector. If you want to use your own laptop please let us know so we can assist with the transition between presentations.

Testing Talks
It is strongly recommended that you test your presentation in the General Session Room during a break or scheduled time preceding your presentation.

General Session Room Hours for Testing Talks
Someone will be available to assist you during the following times. Please feel free to drop by and ask questions.

  • Sunday (25 October 2015): 12:00 -4:00p.m.
  • Before First Session of the Day
  • During Scheduled Breaks
  • Last Hour of Lunch Period

Poster Presentations
The maximum size for posters is 2.7 feet wide x 3.5 feet long (width=0.90 m x height=1.18 m), corresponding to A0 format in portrait orientation. A0 posters in landscape orientation cannot be accomodated on the poster panels.  Authors are encouraged to include a small picture of themselves on their poster to facilitate interactions with other attendees.

Push pins will be provided, though we encourage everyone to bring his or her own.

Posters may be displayed as early as 2:00 p.m. on October 25. A poster locator board will be available at the Registration desk and corresponding labels on poster boards will identify where each poster is to be displayed.