Black Hole Presentation Slides

Jorge Moreno (invited review): Conference Overview Galaxy Mergers and Interactions: Lessons Learned from Observations and Simulations
Melanie Johnston Hollitt (invited review): Galaxy Groups, Clusters, and Large Scale Structure: Open Questions and Opportunities
Scott Barrows: Evolution Of Stellar Populations And Supermassive Black Holes In Late-Stage Galaxy Mergers
Martin Krause: Jets Signify Close Binary Supermassive Black Holes
Poster Sparklers Slides
Sarah Brough: Environment or Mass? The Kinematic Morphology-Density Relationship
Lauranne Lanz: AGN in Early Phases of Galaxy Transformation
Tiffany Day: Major Cluster Mergers as Drivers of Galaxy Evolution and Transformation
Elisabete da Cunha (invited survey): The TAIPAN Galaxy Survey: Towards a new Galaxy Evolution Sample in the Local Universe
Jacinta Delhaize: Statistical Studies of Star Formation in AGN to z~5 from a Combined Infrared and Radio Continuum Perspective
Colin DeGraf: Supermassive Black Hole Seeds in Cosmological Simulations
Mike Dopita: Results from S7: The Siding Spring Southern Seyfert Spectroscopic Snapshot Survey
Theresa Falkendal: Evidence for Quenching in High Redshift Radio Galaxies from Multi-Resolution Radio-to-IR SED Fitting.
Fuyan Bian: Massive Galaxy Formation: What can we Learn from the most Luminous Lyman Break Galaxies at Redshift z=3
William Pearson: The Main Sequence of Star Forming Galaxies Beyond Herschel’s Confusion Limit
Ivy Wong: Radio Galaxy Zoo Data Release 1
Marvin Blank: The NIAHO Project: High Resolution Simulations of Galaxy Formation and Evolution
Sukyoung Yi: Zoom-in Hydrodynamic Simulations of Clusters and Galaxy Evolution
Fulai Guo: Reversing Cooling Flows with AGN-Driven Shock Waves
Natasha Hurley-Walker (invited survey - remote): GLEAM: Exploring the Births and Deaths of AGN
Nicole Nesvadba (invited review): AGN Fuelling and Feedback in the Early Universe - What do we Really Know?
Jonathan Rogers: Energetics of Radio-Loud AGN from Multiwavelength Surveys
Theresa Falkendal: ALMA Reveals Large Scale [CI] Emission Around a High Redshift Galaxy
Darshan Kakkad: Ionized and Molecular Gas Studies to Unveil AGN Feedback at High Redshift
Ross Turner: Radio Galaxies as Standard Candles
Yuxiang Qin: DRAGONS: The Small Contribution of Quasars to Reionization
Lilian Garratt-Smithson: Slow and Steady to Win the Race? High Mass X-Ray Binary Feedback in Low-Mass Galaxies
Christian Wolf: The Growth of Supermassive Black Holes 1 GYr after the Big Bang
Guillaume Drouart: AGN Evolution from the Radio SED of High-Z Powerful Radio Galaxies
Rajan Chhetri: Properties of Subarcsecond Compact Source Population Identified using Widefield Interplanetary Scintillation with the MWA
Sugata Kaviraj (invited review): The Triggering of AGN in the Local Universe and their Role in Shaping Galaxy Evolution
Anna Ferre-Mateu: SMBHs Coevolution Challenged by nearby Fossil Red Nuggets.
Meiert Grootes: The Baryon Cycle and its (lack of) Environmental Dependencies
Sanchayeeta Borthakur: What does the Circumgalactic Medium tell us about the Galaxy Color Dichotomy
Sarah White: The MWA GLEAM 4-Jy Sample
Julie Banfield: Shaping the Circumgalactic Medium Through Radio-Loud AGN Interactions on KPC Scales
Elizabeth Mahony: Jet-Driven Outflows of Cold Gas: The Case of 3C293
Philip Taylor: Galaxies Growing Old: The Transition to Quiescence at 3x10^10 Solar Masses
Stas Shabala: Fundamentally Confused? Nature, Nurture and Radio Galaxy Scaling Relations
Lucia Armillotta: The Physics of the Disc-Corona Interface: How Feedback Regulates Accretion and Quenching
Christian Wolf: SkyMapper
Katey Alatalo (invited review): Shining Light on the Pathways of Galaxy Transformation
Adam Thomas: Spatially-Resolved Measurements of Narrow Line Region and HII Region Abundances in an Active Galaxy
Darshan Kakkad: Spatially Resolved Electron Density and ISM Conditions in Low-Redshift AGNs
Dan Taranu: Feedback and the Structure of Local Galaxies: Insight from Simulations and Integral Field Kinematics
Sarah White: Accretion and Star Formation in “Radio-Quiet” Quasars
Jesse Swan: Cosmic Evolution of Star Formation and AGN Activity as Probed by ATLAS
Kevin Schawinski: A Universal Model for the AGN Phenomenon

Chris Power (invited review): AGN Feeding and Feedback in Central Galaxies
Martin Bourne: Simulation of Jets and Winds from Supermassive Black Holes
Rainer Weinberger: Supermassive Black Hole Feedback in the Next Generation Illustris Simulations
Renuka Pechetti: Enhanced Mass-to-Light Ratios in Low Mass Early Type Galaxies
Dipanjan Mukherjee: Relativistic Jet Feedback in Gas Disks
Geoff Bicknell (invited): Relativistic Jet Feedback in Evolving Galaxies
Robert Schulz: Jet-Driven HI Outflows in Radio Galaxies – A VLBI Perspective
Anna Zovaro: Catching Feedback in the Act at the Sub-KPC Scale
Michael Drinkwater: Black Holes in Both Normal and Disrupted Dwarf Galaxies
Darren Croton: The Many Lives of AGN II: The Formation and Evolution of Radio Jets and their Impact on Galaxy Evolution
Mark Krumholz (invited review): Star Formation, Fuelling and Feedback in Galactic Centres
Pei-Ying Hsieh: The Fossil Nuclear Outflow in the Central 30pc of the Galactic Center
Enrico Di Teodoro: Atomic Hydrogen Clouds Tracing the Galactic Nuclear Outflow
Joss Bland-Hawthorn: The Milky Way: Evidence for the Seyfert Activity in the Recent Past
Sebastian Bustamante Jaramillo: Spin Evolution of Supermassive Black Holes in a Cosmological Context
Stas Shabala & Ivy Wong: Conference Summary