Bruce Slee Workshop Presentations

Tuesday 16 August 2016

Session 1 –  History of Radio Astronomy
Wayne Orchiston: A Tribute to Bruce Slee: 70 Years in Radio Astronomy
Peter Robertson: Dover Heights and the Riddle of the Radio Stars
Ron Ekers: Australian Radio Astronomy 1945-1960: An Overview

Session 2 – Galaxy Clusters and Halo/Relic Sources
Melanie Johnston-Hollitt: Cluster Relic and Halo Sources
Alastair Edge: Steep Spectrum Radio Emission from the Cores of Clusters
Peter Quinn: Radio Observations of Clusters of Galaxies and New Searches for Dark Matter Candidates
John Reynolds: Relic Radio Sources

Session 3 – Variable Sources and Scintillation
Cleo Loi: Ionospheric Studies with MWA
Tara Murphy: Low-Frequency Transients/Pulsars  
J-P Macquart: What Scintillation can tell us About the Physics of the Universe  
Ed Budding (presented by M. Johnston-Hollitt): Multi-wavelength Observations of Active Stars

Session 4 – Radio Surveys (I)
Anne Green: Galactic Plane Surveys at the Molonglo Observatory 
Natasha Hurley-Walker: The MWA GLEAM Survey
George Heald : Low-Frequency Surveys with LOFAR

Wednesday 17 August 2016

Session 5 – Galactic Centre and ISM
Joss Bland-Hawthorn: The Galactic Centre and Fermi Bubble  
Roland Crocker: High-Energy Outflows from the Galactic Centre
Asger Gronow: The Effect of Magnetic Fields on the Survival of Gas Clouds in Galaxies
Wasim Raja: The Weird Faraday Screen in Front of Cas A 

Session 6 – Radio Galaxies, AGN and Planets
David Malin: The Discovery of NGC 5128
Juan Madrid: The Radio Galaxy M87
Bob Sault: Radio Emission from Jupiter
Elaine Sadler: AGN with the Parkes-Tidbinbilla Interferometer
Joe Callingham: Low-Frequency GPS/CSS Sources

Session 7 – Radio Surveys (II)
Dick Hunstead: The MSH Survey and the MRC
Ian Heywood: Modern Radio Continuum Surveys and Processing Challenges
Elizabeth Mahony: Deep Low-Frequency Surveys with LOFAR