CAASTRO-CoEOO Workshop Slides

Monday 30 January 2017

Katie Mack: Introduction & Welcome

Rachel Webster: Astrophysical Dark Matter and Gravitational Lensing

Rebecca Leane: Dark Matter Theory and New Searches

Ken Freeman: Scaling Laws for Dark Halos of Dwarf and Giant Galaxies

Pascal Elahi: Limits of Cosmological Simulations and Subtle Signatures of Non-Standard Dark Matter

Alan Duffy: Dark Matter Flows

James Diacomis: Missing Neutrinos: How Late Kinetic Decoupling can Change N_Eff

Giorgio Busoni:  Self-Consistent Dark Matter Simpliļ¬ed Models with an S-Channel Scalar Mediator

Millie McDonald: Particle Searches at the LHC

Caitlin Macqueen: Searches for the Dark Photon at Belle and Belle II

Gavin Rowell: Tev Gamma-Ray Astronomy and Dark Matter Searches

Csaba Balazs: Gambit/CTA

Tuesday 31 January 2017

Celine Boehm: Direct Detection & Astrophysics

Neil Spooner: Directional Detection and the Cygnus Project

Jeremy Mould: SUPLI Update

Francesco Nuti: Sabre Update

Elisabetta Baracchini: NITEC: A Negative Ion Time Expansion Chamber for Directional Dark Matter Search

Elisabetta Baracchini: UNDER

Thomas Thorpe: Progress on the Directional Dark Matter Detector, D3 - Milli

Annika Peter: Halo Structure and Direct Detection

Kentaro Miuchi: NEWAGE

Steen Hansen : The Distribtion of Dark Matter Velocities

Juan Herrero Garcia: Halo-Independent Methods of Dark Matter Direct Detection Signals

Michael Tobar: Australian Axion Dark Matter Detection Experiment