Challenging Dark Matter Slides

4th CAASTRO-CoEPP Workshop


Elisabetta Barberio, Dark matter direct detection: what we cannot see

Gary Hill, Dark matter searches with IceCube

Katie Mack (remote presentation), Constraining Dark Matter with Gravitational Waves and Lensing

Victor Flambaum, Enhanced effects of dark matter

Chris Power, Does what we know of galaxy halos tell us anything about what dark matter is?

Lister Staveley‐Smith, Galactic Centre annihilation

Nick Iwanus, Simulating dark matter annihilation feedback

Christian Reichardt, Dark matter and the CMB

Ray Volkas, Origin of the dark matter mass scale for asymmetric dark matter

Nicole Bell, Direct Detection of Dark Matter via a Two‐Higgs‐Doublet Portal

Martin White, Solving the dark matter problem using many experiments

Peter Quinn, Axions with radio telescopes

Michael Tobar, High precision low energy experiments to search for WISP dark matter