CAASTRO Connections (Alumni Network)

Welcome to CAASTRO Connections – our Alumni Network. All CAASTRO alumni will be invited to join this new group and participate in a variety of events each year. 

Forthcoming Events

  • Three alumni events will be held each year. Locations will vary and there will be opportunities to connect face-to-face or via video conference.


We encourage alumni to participate actively in the CAASTRO community: to attend events, to volunteer, to create new ways for alumni to stay connected to CAASTRO, and to contribute to the greatness of our centre. Whether you would like to be involved as a:

  • Commitee Member - currently seeking members!
  • Speaker at CAASTRO Connections event
  • Mentor, or
  • Local alumni group organiser


Please contact Deb Gooley for more information.

Our alumni

Our Objectives

The purpose of CAASTRO Connections is to foster a spirit of loyalty, support CAASTRO’s goals, and to strengthen the ties between alumni, the community, and CAASTRO.   

Consistent with the core values of community, education and service, the alumni network’s programs and services will provide alumni with meaningful opportunities to:

  • Receive valuable services to enhance their lives and careers
  • Serve the centre, other alumni, students and the community at large
  • Highlight the achievements of its alumni
  • Provide alumni with rewarding opportunities to serve CAASTRO, its members and its students
  • Continue the process of life-long learning
  • Foster diversity and community, strengthening ties to CAASTRO and growing relationships with other alumni