The Ephemeral Universe with Widefield Low Frequency Arrays

When: 12-14 November 2013 

Where: The Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy, 1 Turner Ave, Technology Park,
Bentley WA 6102

The workshop program is available here. Talk abstracts are available here. Talk slides can be viewed here.

The main objective of this meeting was to discuss the future of pulsar and transients science at low frequencies.  Transients and pulsars constitute significant components of the science programmes of LOFAR, MWA and the LWA.  But what are prospects for detecting both pulsars and transients in large numbers with these instruments?

There has been a recent flurry of detections of new transients, including extragalactic high-DM bursts: can low frequency arrays, with their extremely wide fields of view, detect these objects in large numbers, or does scattering limit their detectability?  Do low frequency observations of RRATS and extreme pulsars at low frequency hold the key to understanding the nature of their emission?

What backend processing capabilities are required to turn future instruments, such as SKA-low, into the world's preeminent transients detection machine?

 Topics included:

  • Early MWA and LOFAR pulsar and transients results;
  • Survey strategies;
  • Lorimer bursts and Perytons;
  • Low frequency polarization measurements;
  • The effects of scattering - scintillation holography and detection;
  • Extreme Scattering Events in the Insterstellar Medium;
  • Processing and station requirements for SKA-low.


Jointly sponsored by CAASTRO and ICRAR:

List of confirmed attendees:
Gemma Anderson (Univ. Oxford)
Wes Armour (Univ. Oxford)
Matthew Bailes (Swinburne Univ.)
Keith Bannister (CASS)
Ewan Barr (Swinburne Univ.)
Ilse van Bemmel (ASTRON)
Ramesh Bhat (CAASTRO, ICRAR/Curtin)
Hayley Bignall (ICRAR/Curtin)
Robert Braun (SPO)
Manisha Caleb (Swinburne Univ. / ANU)
Nathan Clarke (ICRAR/Curtin)
Tim Colegate (ICRAR/Curtin)
Peter Curran (ICRAR/Curtin)
Ron Ekers (CASS)
Andrew Faulkner (Univ. Cambridge)
Jan Geralt (ASTRON)
Anne Green (Univ. Sydney)
Peter Hall (ICRAR/Curtin)
Paul Hancock (CAASTRO, Univ. Sydney)
Jason Hessels (ASTRON)
Carole Jackson (ICRAR/Curtin)
Michael Johnson (CfA)
Simon Johnston (CASS)
Anna Kapinska (CAASTRO, ICRAR/UWA)
Evan Keane (Swinburne Univ.)
John Kennewell (Curtin University)
Slava Kitaeff (ICRAR/UWA)
Nadia Kudryavtseva (ICRAR/Curtin)
Wojciech Lewandowski (Kepler Inst.)
Jean-Pierre Macquart (CAASTRO, ICRAR/Curtin)
Ben McKinley (ANU)
Sammy McSweeney (ICRAR/Curtin)
Don Melrose (Univ. Sydney)
John Morgan (ICRAR/Curtin)
Tara Murphy (Univ. Sydney)
Stephen Ord (CAASTRO, ICRAR/Curtin)
Samuel Oronsaye (CAASTRO, ICRAR/Curtin)
Divya Palaniswamy (ICRAR/Curtin)
Emily Petroff (Swinburne Univ.)
Scott Ransom (NRAO)
Paul Ray (Naval Research Lab)
Tom Russell (ICRAR/Curtin)
Steven Tremblay (CAASTRO, ICRAR/Curtin)
Cathryn Trott (CAASTRO, ICRAR/Curtin)
Gregory Tsarevsky (Astro Space Centre, ASA)
Artem Tuntsov (Manly Astrophysics)
Mark Walker (Manly Astrophysics)
Randall Wayth (ICRAR/Curtin)
Linqing Wen (ICRAR/UWA)
Kristian Zarb-Adami (Univ. Oxford) 

Scientific Advisory Committee:
Keith Bannister (CAASTRO, CSIRO)
Jason Hessels (ASTRON)
Jean-Pierre Macquart (CAASTRO, ICRAR/Curtin)
Cath Trott (CAASTRO, ICRAR/Curtin)
Willem van Straten (CAASTRO, Swinburne)

Local Organising Committee (CAASTRO, ICRAR/Curtin):
Ramesh Bhat
Wiebke Ebeling
Jean-Pierre Macquart
Steve Ord

Contact email address: