Women in Astronomy Workshop 2015

Inspiring Diversity

The 5th Australian Women in Astronomy Workshop

Women's College University of Queensland, College Road, St Lucia, QLD, 4067

Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 July 2015.

Registration is now Closed (Please contact Kylie Williams)



Professional Development - Challenging Conversations Notes

Professional Development - Vocal Bootcamp


Twitter hashtag is: #WiA2015

This 2-day workshop will focus on the topics of unconscious bias, dealing with conflict, projecting your voice and the challenges faced by indigenous groups and the impact mental health in academia. We have thus broadened the scope to include other issues of inclusion and challenges facing our community.  We hope the entire workshop will be of interest to astronomers of all genders, and we encourage community members from all genders to attend. Over the two days there will be both presentations as well as workshop sessions.

The registration for the workshop is free, however please register for catering purposes.  There will be a conference dinner held the evening of 22 July at the Women's College.  This dinner is optional and self-funded.  The cost of the dinner is $55.00.

The program includes:

  • Professor Meg Urry (Yale, past president of the American Astronomical Society)
  • Professor Judy Raper (DVC-R, Wollongong)
  • Dr Sue Meek (CEO, Australian Academy of Science)
  • Professor Polly Parker (Professor in Leadership, UQ)
  • Louise McSorley (Director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency)
  • Professor Brian Schmidt (Australian National University)

Accommodation in Brisbane
We have a limited number of rooms held at the Women's College for delegates.  Rooms range in price from $80 with shared facilities to $99 with an ensuite.  To book this accommodation please use the Women's College Booking Form.

Some other local hotels in Brisbane are:

Travel Assistance
Travel assistance will be available for participants to attend the conference. Grants will be available with a value up to $500 depending on circumstances. To be considered for travel support please complete the Travel Assistance Application prior to 30 June 2015, and we will notify you of the outcome on 3 July 2015.

Accessibility Information (click here)

Local Organising Committee

  • Kate Brooks, CSIRO
  • Sarah Brough, AAO
  • Tamara Davis, UQ, Chair
  • Kate Gunn, CAASTRO
  • Lisa Harvey-Smith, CSIRO
  • Jonathan Horner, USQ
  • Sarah Pearce, CSIRO
  • Aaron Robotham, ICRAR
  • Kylie Williams, CAASTRO

Image Credit: NASA/CXC/RIKEN/D.Takei et al