SkyMapper Early Data Release: Maximising Your Science




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Workshop Dates: 25 August to 26 August 2016

Location: CSO Common Room, RSAA Mount Stromlo, Canberra, ACT

Registration: for the meeting is free, supported by the sponsors, and includes lunch and tea breaks.  The registration deadline is Friday 12 August 2016

SkyMapper's early data release (EDR) presents images and catalogs from the shallow Short Survey of the Southern Sky. All the published data is accessible via TopCat or our archive access website at, and participants are encouraged to explore the EDR before coming to the workshop.

At the workshop you can meet the team while you browse the archive, ask questions, point out barriers for science, explore collaboration and discuss possibilities for enhancing the functionality of the SkyMapper archive and interface. About a quarter of the time will be spent on introductions into the data properties and tutorials for data access. The remainder of the time is dedicated to hands-on work, 1-to-1 discussions between individuals or collaborations and the SkyMapper team. 

The open schedule of the workshop is an opportunity for individuals or groups to set most of the workshop agenda on day 1 and choose topics for exploration. We will form working groups on the topics that are seen by the participants as most relevant. Every group can be supported by a SkyMapper team member and report back to the workshop. 

Workshop Dinner
A workshop dinner will be held on Thursday 25th August at Cream, Corner of Bunda and Genge Streets.  The meal will cost $50 per head and will include a welcome drink. Please register for dinner when registering for the conference.  Payment must be received by 27 July to confirm your booking.  A bus transfer can be arranged for those delegates requiring transport.

Travel and Accommodation
Participants will arrange their own travel and accommodation; however, we list here some relatively convenient options in the general vicinity of the workshop venue.

Please indicate in your registration form if you require a bus transfer to Mt Stromlo while staying in Canberra.  Locations and times will be advised closer to the workshop commencing.

Organising Committee:  

  • Julie Banfield
  • Elisabete da Cunha
  • Baerbel Koribalski
  • Susanne Meinen
  • Gerhardt Meurer
  • Anais Moeller
  • Chris Onken
  • Brad Tucker
  • Marc White
  • Kylie Williams
  • Christian Wolf