A Celebration: Bruce Slee and 70 Years of Radio Astronomy


A Celebration of Bruce Slee's 70-year Contribution to International Radio Astronomy

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The workshop will be held on 16-17 August 2016, Sutherland Room, Holme Building, University of Sydney, NSW

Bruce Slee is one of the pioneers of radio astronomy. After recording solar emission during World War II, he joined what was then the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research's Division of Radiophysics in Sydney, Australia, and went on to make important contributions to Solar System, Galactic and extra-galactic astronomy. Although long retired, Bruce continues to carry out research, with emphasis on active stars and clusters of galaxies.

This workshop will celebrate and honour Bruce’s significant contribution to Radio Astronomy, now approaching 70 years, with historical talks on his work and also a modern perspective on current work in low-frequency radio surveys such as the MWA.

Travel and Accommodation:
Participants will arrange their own travel and accommodation; however, we list here some relatively convenient options in the general vicinity of the workshop venue. 

Accommodation in Redfern: Some local hotels include:

Scientific Organising Committee

  • Co-Chairs: Wayne Orchiston and Elaine Sadler
  • Ron Ekers
  • Joss Bland-Hawthorn
  • Cathryn Trott
  • Jean-Pierre Macquart
  • Tara Murphy
  • Melanie Johnston-Hollitt

Local Organising Committee

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Images (from left to right): Bruce Slee: Radiophysics Lab, 1946 (photo: Bruce Slee); Fleurs Field Station, 1955 (photo: Australia Telescope Facility Photo Archive); Australia Telescope National Facility, Marsfield, November 2006 (photo: Peter Robertson).
Tile image: Radio astronomer Bruce Slee in 1989, with a commemorative plaque at Dover Heights. Photo: CSIRO