From Black Hole to Environment:

Galaxy Evolution across Multiple Wavelengths

21-24 August 2017

Barton Theatre, Crawford School of Public Policy,

Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

Twitter hashtag: #BHcon17

This conference aims to bring together both our observational and theoretical understanding of how galaxies evolve through feeding and feedback processes. The conference will be split into four categories:

  • Galaxy groups, clusters, large scale structure: dynamics, mergers, interactions;
  • Galaxies in the high redshift universe: AGN feedback and gaseous outflows;
  • Galaxies in the low redshift universe: refuelling and feeding black holes and star formation; and
  • Centres of galaxies: black hole accretion, launching jets and galactic winds, starbursts and star formation.

With the results of the advances in technology for both theory and observations becoming available, we are able now able to bring together observations at multiple wavelengths with theoretical simulations to provide answers to these scientific categories. 

As this meeting will focus on multi-wavelength science that addresses the above science, we have invited people from the major galaxy surveys and galaxy simulations to give an update on the current results of their work. This will provide a platform to bring the different wavelength surveys and simulations together to foster new collaborations.  


  • Katherine Alatalo (Carnegie Observatories)
  • Geoffrey Bicknell (ANU)
  • Julia Bryant (USYD/AAO)
  • Kristen Coppin (Hertfordshire)
  • Elisabete da Cunha (ANU)
  • Natasha Hurley-Walker (Curtin/ICRAR)
  • Melanie Johnston-Hollit (VUW)
  • Sugata Kaviraj (Hertfordshire)
  • Mark Krumholtz (ANU)
  • Jorge Moreno (Pomona College/Harvard)
  • Nicole Nesvadba (IAS, Osray)
  • Chris Power (UWA)


  • Julie Banfield (Chair), ANU
  • Judith Croston, Open University
  • Alastair Edge, Durham
  • Anne Medling, Caltech
  • Dipanjan Mukherjee, ANU
  • Matt Owers, Macquarie
  • Kevin Pimblett, Hull
  • Elaine Sadler, USYD
  • Stas Shabala, UTAS
  • Ivy Wong, UWA
  • Cathie Zheng, VUW


  • Julie Banfield (Chair), ANU
  • Suryashree Aniyan, ANU
  • Kate Gunn, USYD
  • Anais Moller, ANU
  • Rob Sharp, ANU
  • Philip Taylor, ANU
  • Brad Tucker, ANU
  • Kylie Williams, USYD

Photo Credits:

Star Trail: Yuir Beletsky, Las Campanas Observatory
Snow Photo: Jack Dunstan, ANU