CAASTRO-CoEPP Joint Workshop

Connecting Astrophysical Dark Matter with Direct Detection
30th January - 1st February 2017
School of Physics, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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Image Credit: ESO/L. Calçada

The workshop will focus on the synergy between astrophysical studies and direct detection of dark matter, with a special emphasis on what future directional dark matter detectors can offer. The first day will focus on open questions about dark matter in both the astrophysical and particle physics regimes, while the second will discuss the progress of direct detection projects and the prospects for future experiments. The workshop will be connected to a third-day collaboration meeting for the CYGNUS project — an international collaboration to build a network of directional dark matter detectors, one of which may be placed in the Stawell Underground Physics Laboratory.

The aim of the workshop is to build better connections between the astrophysics and experimental particle physics communities united in the quest to identify and characterize dark matter. By highlighting directional dark matter detection, we are exploring a promising avenue for collaboration and a cutting-edge discovery space.

Invited Speakers
Currently being finalised.


  • Ixandra Achitouv
  • Nicole Bell
  • Tamara Davis
  • Robert Foot
  • Katie Mack
  • Ray Volkas
  • Rachel Webster
  • Laura Wolz

Workshop dinner: A self-funded workshop dinner will be held on Tuesday 31 January 2017.  The venue and other details will be confirmed shortly.

Image Credit: ESO/L. Calçada