CAASTRO pre-concert talks for 'The Galileo Project'

Concert venue: Brisbane

QPAC Concert Hall
Wednesday 14 March, concert at 7pm



Talk at 6.15pm by Dr Tamara Davis, University of Queensland

Dr Davis is a professional astrophysicist. Following in Galileo's footsteps, she observes the sky in order to learn more about the physics of the world we live in. With the universe as her laboratory, she uses the stellar and galactic experiments that the universe naturally performs to learn about the nature of gravity, the nature of space time, and the nature of our fundamental laws of physics.

Having worked in the U.S. and Europe, she returned to Australia in 2008 as a research fellow at the University of Queensland to work with the WiggleZ Dark Energy Survey, making the largest ever map of the three dimensional distribution of galaxies in the universe and using that to study dark matter and dark energy. One of the most highly cited astrophysicists in the World, she is the recipient of many prizes, including most recently the 2011 Queensland Young Tall Poppy Award. One of her papers was recently given 4th spot on Physics World's top ten breakthroughs of 2011.

In addition, Dr Davis has a degree in philosophy and enjoys playing very amateur piano and trombone. She has competed at a representative level in six sports and received a sports scholarship and sporting blue from the University of New South Wales. These days her sport of choice is Ultimate Frisbee and this year she will represent Australia in Japan at her fourth World Championships.