CAASTRO co-sponsored SAMI workshop

Several multi-integral-field spectrographs (IFS) are currently in use or in development around the world. The University of Sydney and the Australian Astronomical Observatory have recently collaborated on the Sydney-AAO Multi-object IFS (SAMI), a multi-IFS instrument based on innovative lightly-fused fibre bundles called hexabundles. SAMI was successfully commissioned at the AAT in July 2011. Deploying many integral field units over a large field of view, multi-IFS instruments like SAMI will revolutionise the future galaxy surveys by providing spatially-resolved spectroscopy for huge numbers of objects. This workshop will explore the key science made possible by the vast parameter space opened up by new multi-IFS instruments. We will mainly focus on science cases applicable to SAMI and how SAMI will enhance the science capabilities of the astronomical community in Australia over the coming years. The workshop will feature targeted discussion sessions aimed at exploring the science potential of SAMI and other multi-IFS instruments.

The Large Surveys in the Multi-IFS Era workshop will target the following key science themes:

  • The build up of angular momentum and stellar mass in galaxies.
  • The Tully-Fisher relation and the environment and properties of galaxies.
  • AGN feedback and the link between galaxy mergers, star formation and direct evidence of outflows, and extended ionisation.
  • Galaxy evolution and the relationship to the environment, including metallicity, star formation and age gradients, as well as kinematic disturbance due to mergers.
  • Resolution of disks and bulges and their stellar populations.
  • H II regions, PNe, SNRs in nearby galaxies.

Registration closed on January 13th, 2012.

Please visit the SAMI website for updated information on the workshop!