Gender Action

CAASTRO is committed to a family friendly and flexible working environment. Established in 2013, the CAASTRO Gender Action Committee is contributing to the development of strategies to meet Gender Action challenges in order to maximise the proposed goals and objectives of the Centre. This includes making recommendations on ways in which CAASTRO can balance its gender representation, and boost opportunities for our female staff and students, and monitor progress.

The Gender Action Committee provides broad representation from its membership and different levels within the centre, including members from different member organisations, different genders and nationalities.

Who we are

The following people are members of the CAASTRO Gender Action Committee:

  • Prof Brian Schmidt (Chair)
  • Dr David Parkinson
  • Dr Anais Moller
  • Dr James Allison
  • Prof Rachel Webster
  • Prof Elaine Sadler
  • Ms Bonnie Zhang
  • Ms Jessica Bloom
  • Dr Danail Obreschkow
  • Dr Steven Tremblay

Our role

The role of the CAASTRO Gender Action Committee is to discuss, provide advice and make comment on, the following issues facing CAASTRO. Topics include (but not be limited to):

  • Improving the representation of women in CAASTRO.
  • Improving the access, retention, participation and success for female staff and students.
  • Improving all aspects of the CAASTRO’s capacity for working well with female staff, affiliates, associates, partners and students.
  • Improving support, particularly in regard to communication, cultural awareness and social issues for female members.

Our goals

  • Establish CAASTRO-wide Gender Action goals, clearly linked to the CAASTRO strategic and theme project plans.
  • Consider and make recommendations to the CAASTRO Executive on priorities in relation to gender equity.
  • Identify accountabilities for the achievement of relevant goals and the implementation of strategies.
  • Monitor progress in relation to the implementation of these strategies and the achievement of prescribed goals.

For prospective job applicants, a factsheet on CAASTRO's family friendly workplace can be found here.

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Committee Secretarial Contact: Ms Kate Gunn, Chief Operating Officer ph: +61 2 9351 2893, email: