Mock Perth Slides

Day 1: Monday 20 March 2017

Mark Krumholz: Star Formation and Feedback in Dwarf Galaxies

Naomi McClure-Griffiths: ISM Evolution in the Milky Way and Magellanic System

Attila Popping: The Extended HI Properties of Galaxies with IMAGINE

Rodrigo Canas: The Importance of the Identification of Simulated Galaxies

Brent Groves: Photoionization and ISM Heating in Low Mass Galaxies

JJ Eldridge: A Double Take on Stellar Population Synthesis

Matthieu Schaller: Dwarf Galaxies in the EAGLE Simulation and Future Runs

Violeta Gonzalez-Perez: Summary of SAMs: State-of-the-Art and What’s Next

Pascal Elahi: Synthetic UniveRses for Surveys

Elisabete Da Cunha: SEDs.

Gerhardt Meurer: IMF Variations and Effects on Galaxy Formation

Alex Knebe: Mocking Astrophysics

Manodeep Sinha: The TAO of Building Mock Galaxy Catalogues

Day 2: Tuesday 21 March 2017

Nelson Padilla: When to Care about the Angular Momentum of Your Model Galaxies When Making Mock Catalogues

Danail Obreschkow: Observational Status of Angular Momentum in Galaxies

Kate Harborne: Extracting Meaningful Kinematics from Simulated Galaxies

Charlotte Welker: Connecting Galaxy Dynamics to Cosmic Flows

Anna Weigel: A Phenomenological Model for the Origin of Fast and Slow Rotating Early Type Galaxies

Liang Wang: Angular Momentum Evolution of Bulge Stars in Spiral Galaxies

Rhys Poulton: Be Nice to Satellites, they're Going through a Tough Phase

Kirsty Butler: Angular Momentum of Dwarf Galaxies

Cath Trott: Future Prospects for Detecting the EoR using 21cm HI Signal

Simon Mutch: Modelling High-z Galaxy Formation and the EoR with SAMs

Anne Hutter: Exploring 21cm: Lyman Alpha Emitter Synergies for SKA

Hansik Kim: A Hybrid Multiresolution Scheme to Efficiently Model the Structure of Reionization on the Largest Scales

Jacob Seiler: #nofilter: SAGE and the Epoch of Reionization, How Relevant is the Filtering Mass?

Day 3: Wednesday 22 March 2017

Luca Cortese: Review of HI/Gas/Dust in Galaxies

Jing Wang: The Complexity of the Simple HI Size-Mass Relation of Galaxies

Martin Meyer: What ASKAP will tell us about Galaxy Evolution: Early Science Results and Prospects for the Future

Virginia Kilborn: The Impact of Environment on HI in Galaxies

Toby Brown: HI Stripping in Satellite Galaxies

Adam Stevens: Environmental and Evolutionary Effects on Semi-Analytic Galaxies’ HI Content

Jonghwan Rhee: HI Gas Evolution over Cosmic Time