OzSKA - Presentations

Presentations slides for the OzSKA: radio astronomy in the next decade

Day 1 - Wednesday 8 April 2015

David Luchetti: Rebaseling and the Australian SKA site

Robert Braun: Science with the SKA

Steven Tingay: The MWA, precursor to key science for the SKA

Ray Norris: ASKAP in the SKA Era

Sarah Pearce: Organsation of the Australian Office

Cath Trott: SKA EoR Experiments

Bart Pindor: EoR Challenges for the SKA

Katie Mack: What the SKA can tell us about dark matter

Kate Chow: Australia's RFI-quiet site: enabling world-class radioastronomy

Christian Reichardt: SKA and mm wavelengths

Discussion Session: Core Science Interest  - Summaries

Day 2 - Thursday 9 April 2015

Chris Blake: Cosmology with the SKA

Laura Wolz: Intensity mapping with the SKA

Chris Power: Glaxay formation predictions for SKA HI surveys

Hansik Kim: Probing photoionisation feedback

Lister Staveley-Smith: HI Surveys in the era of SKA1

Attila Popping: First Results of the COSMOS HI Extragalactic Survey (CHILES)

Luca Cortese: HIGHz: aruvey of the gas content of the most massive galaxies

Martin Meyer: HI surveys with re-baslined SKA

Simon Ellingsen: The structure and motions of the Milky Way and the Local Group through VLBI and the SKA

James Allison: Cool outlfows and HI Absorbers with the SKA

Stephen Curran: Unveiling a Hidden Population of high redhisft galaxies with the SKA

Nick Seymour: Continuum surveys with the SKA1

Paolo Serra: The low column density HI Universe

Melanie Johnston-Hollitt: Magnetism

Naomi McClure-Griffiths: Milky Way Studies with the SKA

Stas Shabala: Quasars and AGN

Katinka Gereb: On the interplay between gas and radio AGN

Day 3 - Friday 10 April 2015

George Hobbs: The SKA and Pulsar Timing Arrays

Andrew Jameson: Pulsar timing instrumentations with SKA1

Ramesh Bhat: Low frequency pulsar astronomy with the MWA and SKA-low

Emily Petroff: Fast Radio Burst in the lead-up to the SKA era

Tara Murphy: Transients with the SKA

Christopher Fluke: Cubes in a CAVE: visualisation and analysis challenges for the SKA era

Andrew Walsh: Surveys of the Galactic Plane with the SKA

Randall Wayth: SKA-low and the aperture array verification system

Warrick Couch: Optical/IR - the big picture

Carole Jackson: Conference Summary