Andersen, Mr Per - Student (PhD)

University of Queensland

Phone: +45 4272 6260



Research Interests/Responsibilities:

Thesis topic is investigating dark components of cosmological models.

First main area of research is measuring the local bulk flow and comparing with the theoretically predicted local bulk flow. There is currently tension between measurements of the local bulk flow; some papers report agreement with Lambda-CDM where others report tension. One effect that hasn't been studied in great detail is the effect the survey geometry has on the end result. Taking data from simulations we can quantify how strong a dependence the end results has on survey geometry, and give recommendations for future work in the field.

Second main area of research is an investigation into whether or not supernovae associated with long duration gamma ray bursts (GRB-SNe) are standardisable candles at high redshift. Measurements from the low redshift regime suggest that a relation similar to that for type Ia supernovae exist for GRB-SNe. GRB-SNe have a range of advantages over other proposed high redshift standard candles. But further work is needed before we can establish firmly whether or not GRB-SNe are really standardisable.