Associate Investigators

Bland-Hawthorn, Prof Joss - Associate Investigator

University of Sydney

Phone: +61 2 9351 2621


Website: Personal Website


Research Interests / Responsibilities:

  • Near-field Cosmology - Galactic archaeology, Galactic dynamics, Chemical tagging, Ultra-faint dwarf galaxies, First stars: chemical signatures;
  • Far-field Cosmology - First stars: formation and evolution, First galaxies: formation and evolution, Intergalactic medium and metagalactic radiation, Galaxy accretion processes, Galaxy feedback mechanisms: winds, jets, radiation;
  • Astrophotonics, Space Photonics & Quantum Astronomy - photon orbital angular momentum, ultrabroadband fibre Bragg gratings, integrated photonic spectrographs, hexabundles & photonic lanterns;
  • 3D spectrographs - tunable imaging filters, Fabry-Perot interferometers, integral field spectrographs;
  • Differential techniques - OH suppression, nod & shuffle, charge shuffling.