Post Doctoral Committee

The Post Doctoral Committee aims to assist both the CAASTRO Director and Executive with developing strategies that promote Post Doc engagement. This includes making recommendations on ways in which CAASTRO can increase Post Doc participation and representation, as well as boost opportunities for Post Docs and monitor progress. Further, the committee will facilitate communication between the CAASTRO Executive and CAASTRO Post Docs on strategic matters and how they affect future opportunites for Post Docs. Updates on the Committee's actions will be through regular newsletters sent to the CAASTRO Early Career Researchers.

To contact the Post Doctoral Committee please email us at:

Who we are:

The Post Doctoral Committee provides broad representation from its membership and different levels within the centre, including members from different member organisations, different genders, and nationalities. The following people have agreed to participate in the CAASTRO Post Doctoral Committee:



The Post Doctoral Committee has created a number of resources and fact sheets to support Early Career Researchers in their scientific career paths. Please contact us if you have questions, comments or remarks under