Reionization in the Red Centre Presentations

Monday 15 July 2013
Session 1: What have we learned about reionization from the CMB?

Christian Reichardt What have we learned about reionization from the CMB?

Andrei Mesinger The kinetic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich signal from inhomogeneous reionization

Kyunjin Anh Impact of the First Stars on Cosmic Reionization and Probing Their Existence through Planck

Session 2: What do we know about the history of the IGM?

Matt McQuinn What do we know about the history of the IGM?

Michael Shull Probing the He II Epoch of Reionization and QSO Proximity

Luca Graziani The cosmic UV background fluctuations a z=3 as traced by metal ions: the effects of radiative transfer

Girish Kulkarni Chemical enrichment of damped Lyman-alpha (DLA) systems as a direct constraint on Population III star formation

Akila Jeeson-Daniel Clumping factors on H and He from EoR simulations

Gabor Worseck Mapping the Inside-Out Morphology of Hell Reionization over 800 Million Years of Cosmic Time

Emma Ryan-Webber Intergalactic metals at the conclusion of Reionization

Tuesday 16 July 2013
Session 3: What do we know about early stars and galaxies?

Richard Ellis Observing Star-Forming Galaxies in the Heart of the Reionization Era

Anna Frebel Extremely metal-poor stars in the ultra-faint dwarf galaxies and their relation to the first galaxies

Emma Curtis-Lake Stellar populations and morphological evolution of LBG's

Rychard Bouwens Characterizing the Physical Properties, Colors, and Specific Star-formation Tates of the Ultra-Faint Galaxies that Reionized the Universe

Pascal Oesh Probing the Dawn of Galaxies z~9-12

Andreas Pawlik The first galaxies: radiative feedback from the first stars

Linhua Jiang Physical Properties of Spectroscopically Confirmed Galaxies at z>=6

Fuyan Bian Lyman alpha fraction in z~7 galaxies: a LBT spectroscopic survey

Jeff Cooke Not the usual suspects: Uncovering key contributors to cosmic reionization

Session 4: What do we know about early black-holes and quasars?

Daniel Mortlock What do we know about the first quasars and black holes

Xiaohui Fan Quasar Host Galaxies at z~6: an ALMA view

Zoltan Haiman Rapid Formation of ~10^6 M_sun Seed Black Holes in High-Redshift Halos

Simona Gallerani Far infrared emission lines in z~6 quasars and galaxies

Wednesday 17th July 2013
Session 5: What are 21cm studies teaching us about reionization?

Judd Bowman Reionization with the MWA

Jonathan Pober Recent Results on Cosmic Reionization from PAPER

Leon Koopmans Reionization with LOFAR

Josh Dillon Big Data from Big Telescopes: Scaling up to Precision 21cm Cosmology

Hansik Kim Understand the Epoch of Reionization using heirarchical galaxy formation models

Adrain Liu Foreground substraction versus foreground avoidance: how robust is the EoR window?

Ron Ekers Global EoR experiments

Thursday 18 July 2013
Session 6: How well has theory confronted observations in the realm of reionization?

Kristian Finlator Understanding Galaxies and Hydrogen Reionization Together

Qingjuan Yu Probing the baryonic processes and the reionization at high redshifts from the local dwarf galaxies

Edoardo Tescari Properties of simulated galaxies at z~4-7

Mark Dijkstra Lyman Alpha Emitting Galaxies as a Probe of Reionization

Matthew Schenker First results from MOSFIRE: high-redshift, near-IR spectroscopy

Session 7: What are the key future observations for understanding reionization?

Rogeir Windhorst The key future observations for understanding reionization

Katherine Mack Dark Matter Particle Physics, Structure Formation, and Reionization

Massimo Stiavelli First Light and Reionization with the James Webb Space Telescope

Jeremy Mould The Dark Energy Camera Deep Field