Large Scale Structure

The large scale structure of the Universe, as mapped by galaxy redshift surveys, offers a rich set of observable signatures for testing the cosmological model.  These include methods for measuring both the cosmic expansion history and the growth of structure, twin observables that are needed to discriminate between different physical scenarios for Dark Energy and constrain cosmological inflation through its effects on large-scale galaxy clustering.  This project follows in the strong Australian heritage in this area by conducting measurements of Baryon Acoustic Oscillations to constrain cosmic distances and expansion, using redshift-space distortions and voids in galaxy distributions to test theories of gravity, and density-field transformations to test non-linear growth of structure effects.


CAASTRO Researchers in this Project
Chris Blake
A/Prof Chris Blake (Project Leader)
CAASTRO Member Node
Dr Eyal Kazin Swinburne University
Prof Tamara Davis University of Queensland
Dr Jun Koda Swinburne University
Mr Andrew Johnson Swinburne University
Dr Felipe Marin Swinburne University
Prof Stuart Wyithe University of Melbourne
Prof Lister Staveley-Smith University of Western Australia