MWA Epoch of Reionisation

The main science goal of the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) is to make a statistical detection of the Epoch of Reionisation (EoR) via a deep integration of the redshifted 21cm hydrogen line over a 2000-square-degree field of view.

CAASTRO staff are key members of the EoR collaboration within the MWA Project. This team will obtain a significant dataset with the MWA 128T array to either detect or set limits on the detection of the HI signals from the Epoch of reionisation. Research is currently centred around a software effort to generate and tune an imaging and foreground subtraction pipeline, based on the MWA real-time system (RTS). Reaching the sensitivity required to detect the more probable EoR signatures will be extremely challenging, and the emphasis will be on reducing systematics and foregrounds, demonstrating one or more reliable EoR pipelines (using simulations and MWA data), and setting useful cosmological limits.

Testing what this does
Observations made using the Murchison Widefield Array (pictured above) will be used to attempt a statistical detection of the Epoch of Reionosation.

CAASTRO Researchers in this Project
Prof. Rachel Webster  (Project Leader)
 CAASTRO Member  Node
 Prof. Stuart Wyithe  University of Melbourne
 Dr. Daniel Mitchell  University of Melbourne
 Dr. Bart Pindor  University of Melbourne
 Dr. Pietro Procopio  University of Melbourne
 Mrs. Jennifer Riding  University of Melbourne
 Prof. Frank Briggs  Australian National University
 Dr. Andre Offringa  Australian National University
 Dr. Ben McKinley  Australian National University
 Prof. Bryan Gaensler  University of Sydney
 Dr. Emil Lenc  University of Sydney
 Dr. Tara Murphy  University of Sydney
 Dr. Martin Bell  University of Sydney
 Prof. Lister Staveley-Smith  University of Western Australia 
 Prof. Matthew Bailes  Swinburne University
 Prof. Steven Tingay  Curtin University
 Dr. Stephen Ord  Curtin University
 Dr. Cathryn Trott  Curtin University
 Dr. Randall Wayth  Curtin University
 Prof. Ravi Subrahmanyan  RRI, India