Optical Transient Discovery and Follow-up

SkyMapper is the first of a new breed of surveyintelescopes which are able to scan the southern skies more quickly and deeply than ever before. We will use the conditions of poor seeing and otherwise unallocated time to undertake a rolling transient survey of 1000 square degrees of the southern sky, to discover relatively nearby (and therefore bright) supernovae, and to also open up a new area of discovery space in optical transient astronomy. We will also provide rapid photometric and spectroscopic follow-uof transient events triggered by other facilities.


Testing what this does
SkyMapper is a state-of-the-art automated wide field survey telescope that represents a new vehicle for scientific discovery. Amongst it's science output, it will be used to both locate and follow up on detected transients.

CAASTRO Researchers in this Project
Professor Brian Schmidt (Project Leader)
 CAASTRO Member  Node
 Dr. Richard Scalzo  Australian National University
 Dr. Fang Yuan  Australian National University
 Dr. Michael Childress  Australian National University