CAASTRO Partners

CAASTRO is a community of scientists and institutions dedicated to exploring the Universe and understanding its wonder. Our Partner organisations employ hundreds of staff and devote multi-million dollar budgets to astrophysical research.

from left: R. Webster, W. Couch, S. Kulkarni, B. Schmidt, E. Sadler, J. Mould, S. Tingay, R. Norris, M. Bailes, F. Briggs, G. Kauffmann, L. Staveley-Smith, B. Gaensler, S. Wyithe

CAASTRO’s current Partner Investigators are:

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research
Organisation (CSIRO)

Dr George Heald (WA)
Dr Simon Johnston

Professor Ray Norris

Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO)
Professor Warrick Couch
Professor Warrick Couch
Associate Professor Andrew Hopkins

Max-Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy, Germany
Professor Michael Kramer

California Institute of Technology, USA
Professor Shri Kulkarni


University of Oxford, UK
Professor Roger Davies

University of Durham, UK
Professor Carlos Frenk 

University of Arizona, USA
Professor Xiaohui Fan 

University of Toronto, Canada
Professor Ue-Li Pen
Professor Bryan Gaensler

Laboratoire de Physique Nucléaire et de Hautes
Energies, France
Dr Nicolas Regnault

Raman Research Institute, India
Professor Ravi Subrahmanyan


National Computational Infrastructure
Professor Lindsay Botten


Max-Planck Institute for Extraterristrial Physics, Germany     
Dr Mara Salvato